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UX Store/Inventory | Mock Up

I designed a feature that would allow you to simultaneously select items in your Store and your Inventory, with dual console joystick controls, which would allow immediate compare. I want to consider Product Managers, so I made sure to include a Preview feature. I created Wireframes and a User Flow utilizing XD and Whimsical. Additional software used was Photoshop.

Edge Cases:

  • Equipping from the Store/Inventory

  • Bulk Sell Marking is meant to be done from Inventory, but could it also be done from within Store/Inventory?

  • Upgrading?

Vendor Interaction:

  • The vendor would have several access points in the world, marked on the world map. You could have a special 3D scene for the Vendor in person and a 2D/3D hybrid when out in the world.

  • The player approaches the Vendor or terminal and interacts with “A” to access it. The menu can animate into full screen as an overlay or with a quick transition. Exiting the same way, in reverse.

Asset List:

● UI

  • 3D Weapon Models: Sniper, Machine Gun, Pistol, Rocket Launcher, etc

  • 3D Nano Chip Models: Different shapes and skins/colors

  • Iconography: damage, fire rate, reload, stabilization

  • Elemental Iconography: Electric, Radiation, Ice, Plasma, etc

  • Nano Chip Movement Iconography: Dash, Jump, Shield, etc

  • Class Iconography: Ranger, Druid, Warrior, Special Op, Marine, etc

  • Store HUD UI: Navigation, Currency, Store logo

  • Equipped Tag

  • Card Base UI

  • Base Store artwork: typography, iconography for purchasing/selling, background, etc


  • Store UI intro

  • Purchase/Sell currency animation

  • Purchase/Sell: Weapon moving to/from Store and Inventory

  • Currently selected item

● Edge Cases: Depending on how detailed the Preview screens are, we may want

Weapon interactable 3D models that have individual components that can be previewed

in more detail. Especially if we have modding and customizable skins.

● Questions to ask:

  • How is the Navigation? Are Players understanding the dual-stick navigation paired with consistent access to both Buy/Sell and Inventory?

  • Is the Toggling smooth and intuitive from the Shop Type to the Buy/Sell functionality?

  • Are players getting lost or are they unclear what section they’re in?

  • Is it clear which Gear/Item is best for the Player?

  • Is it easy for a Player to buy back an item they may have accidentally sold?

  • Is it clear when a Player does and doesn’t have enough Currency?

  • How many Players are colorblind or have eyesight concerns? Can they play comfortably and read all the text?

● Statistics to track:

  • How often is a Player returning to the Store?

  • How often do they sell or buy a weapon/item

  • How much Currency does a Player typically carry?

  • How often do they repurchase?

● Utilization of other tools in the Research Lab:

  • How are Players feeling after engaging with the feature? Was it ergonomic enough?

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