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Kingdom Boss | Boss Fight Entertainment

Boss Fight Entertainment and playSTUDIOS teamed up to make an exciting new Hero RPG with their integrated Play Rewards system!

When I first hopped onto this project from from our cancelled Big Franchise FPS/Puzzle, I was the only UX/UI Designer, so I wore many hats to get it up and running.

UX, UI, Unity implementation and documentation were my daily responsibilities. I expanded into searching for UI Candidates and assisting in the interview process. Slowly, but surely our UX/UI team grew while I continued on as the UX Lead and continued providing UI support. It was important that the Designs were approachable to the junior members of our team, so I made the UX mocks very detailed.

There was a lot I was responsible for on this project, and company, so let's get into it:

  • Owned the analysis of UX pieces on competitor projects and created presentations with other designers

  • Weighed in on discussions for achieving a core game experience within project constraints

  • Coordinate the needs between Design, Product Management, and Art to build UX, UI, and VFX mock-ups that met functionality specifications and hit our desired visual targets

  • Unity implementation and prefab creation for more efficient UI performance and production

  • Advocated for the end-users by diagnosing issues within the UI systems and features to create the best and most consistent interface

  • Created and maintained UI and UX Standards Documentation on Confluence for easy access for internal partners across all disciplines

  • Monitored feedback sessions and kept a close relationship with QA, making sure that feedback was acknowledged and integrated into the product

  • Supported best practices and took time to look for improvements in the production pipeline and supported post mortem meetings

  • Hosted training/education seminars for Adobe XD

  • An active participant in overall game animations, modeling, and illustration feedback meetings

  • Was responsible for the expansion of the diversity and representation of our characters

UX User Flows

UX Mock Ups

UI Mock Ups and Character Mocks

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