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Flight School Studio UI & UX

During my time at Flight School Studios, there were many amazing opportunities for me to cut my teeth on with VR and AR. The Contract I was originally brought on to help with (NDA) was a Partnership with one of the biggest Technology and Media companies in the world. Along with UI and UX, I spearheaded creating a standardized naming and folder structure for our Google Drive data. I also formed an internal game jam team to spin up new ideas. My normal tasks were to create interactable UI and UX for AR and VR for Headsets, phones, and tablets. Along with those projects, I was able to create many prototypes for the studio for future projects. One of those prototypes has even spun into life. I will always cherish my time at this studio because it inspired me to think of UI and UX in a totally different application, and light.


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UI Exploration


Prototype UX Mock ups


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