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Creature In The Well Art Book | Flight School Studio

One of my favorite projects was the "Creature in the Well" Art Book. I worked incredibly closely with the Creator and Creative Director Adam Volker on this deeply personal Game that he and Bohdon Sayre (Engineer and co Creative Director) created for Flight School Studios. Adam entrusted me to take his vision, and notes, and translate that into an art book that would take fans through the Studio's process and give a glimpse into the thoughts of the Creators. On top of capturing the concept and pre-production phases of this project, it was vastly important to me that we included a UI section with more details on the iconography and tech that helped make this game what it is. If you haven't taken the opportunity to play "Creature in the Well" yet, I highly recommend it. If you're looking for a more intimate view from behind the scenes, please consider purchasing the beautiful Art of Book.

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