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Borderlands GOTY | Blind Squirrel Games and Gearbox

Partnering up with Gearbox, I joined the Borderlands team at Blind Squirrel Games to provide UI, UX and Motion Graphics support. Together we brought the game up to 4K standards while bringing what worked with Borderlands 2 UI to Borderlands 1 while giving it our own twist.


Loading Screens: I utilized my illustration skills to digitally clean up and enhance our new HD screen captures and then reanimated all level loading screens to mimic the original loading screens.

Menu Updates: Part of my responsibility was to clean up animations to align perfectly with edges and adjust sizes of background menu textures. I also streamlined font sizes and colors for all states.

Map Navigation: I was very meticulous to make sure that the location on the map correlated with the geometry in the game. There were several maps that needed updating.

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