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Bally Technologies | Scientific Games

Conceptualized and designed 4 original titles and developed 8 additional titles with team from pre-production to ship. Leveraged multimedia skills to prototype, design, illustrate, animate and implement game art assets. We used a proprietary in house engine, using Photoshop to parse art and animated elements. I would meet regularly with Engineering to discuss and implement UI and UX improvements and new features to Bally's Standard UI HUD. This allowed me to design and animate a flexible multigame UI Platform which was usable on multiple digital formats.

After identifying silos amongst our internal mini studios and I create a new standardized production pipeline and best practices which improved efficiency for clone game, asset sharing and translations globally for the company. This also allowed me to identify technical and artistic needs within the company and organize training for over 100 global Artists and Animators. We also help creative meetings to create more diverse ideas, better communication between satellite studios and less turnover. I also scouted and onboarded new talent.


Animated Signage and UI Game Play


Using my storytelling skills I selected clips that would create a truncated snapshot of the love story between the main characters. I also animated the overlaying UI features.


Illustration, Graphic Design, UI, UX

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